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SFI Management Consultancy provides excellent accounting support to leading small and medium-sized companies in the Philippines.

We endeavour to provide established and emerging companies with business solutions that are reasonably priced because we keep our company lean and yet able to function just like any reputable and well structured organization there could be. Because our company came from a humble beginning ten years ago, we understand the needs of companies to have someone they can trust especially on business regulatory matters such as mandatory employee benefits, legal procedures and reportorial requirements that are quite a burden

as the company strives to establish its market presence and as such, needs to concentrate on its income generating activities.

We envision the need of companies to focus on their main business and core competencies. The inconvenience of running accounting and payroll administration, which could be a tedious and time consuming process but nonetheless important aspect of the business, is better left to experts with proven excellent track record. It should be entrusted to no better than a team of professionals working as one in ensuring accurate and timely compliance.
To be the preferred outsource provider of business process solutions that is ever mindful of its role in nation building.
To provide small and medium-sized companies business solutions that cater to their needs in the area of general management, finance, accounting and other related services;
To be an instrument towards increasing the knowledge and experience of young business professionals and bring about a better equip and more competent individual;
To somehow contribute to the betterment of society and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

We aim to deliver quality service on time all the time as we guarantee to deliver the following:

Client on-call support
Cost-efficient service agreement
Excellent customer service demonstrated through accurate, timely and reliable service
Access to a team of professionals who are specialists in their respective fields
Integrity of data is well-secured and all records are held with utmost confidentiality
The management will get the real picture via accurate and transparent reporting
  1. You are not tied-up waiting for an absentee to finish the payroll, the reports needed for planning and decision making.
  2. You can have more time to focus on your core business and other growth enhancing activities.
  3. Outsourcing enables you to streamline business processes.
  4. With the economic situation, it is about time to exert efforts to save on manpower related costs.
  5. Ignorance of the law excuses no one thus gaining access to a team of professionals who are specialists in their respective fields of expertise is the best way to go.
  6. Disclosing information to the wrong party could spell chaos, hence the lesser internal access to confidential data the more assurance of data confidentiality can be expected.

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