BIR Forms

Application Forms

Income Tax Return
(Individuals, Corporations,
Capital Gains)


VAT / Percentage Tax Returns

Payment / Remittance Form

Account Information Form

Transfer Tax Return

Documentary Stamp Tax

Excise Tax Return

Other Forms

Legal Forms

BIR Downloadable

Alphalist Data Entry and Validation Module
Version 3.4 (New)

To download the Alphalist Data Entry & Validation Module Version 3.4 just click on the following:

FTP   :   alphalist_full_setup_v3_4.exe
HTML   :   alphalist_full_setup_v3_4.exe

eRegistry System Version 1.0

eREGISTRY System provides for an electronic means to capture taxpayer information and transactions, as well as obtaining for customer feedback. For RDOs, eRegistry's program installers, installation guide and user's guide are now available for download.

TSA Installer   :
TSA eRegsitry System Installation Procedures   :   tsa_ers_installation_procedures.pdf
TSA eRegistry User Guide   :   tsa_ers_user_guide.pdf
TAU Installer   :
TAU eRegistry System Installation Procedures   :   tau_ers_installation_procedures.pdf
TAU eRegistry User Guide   :   tau_ers_user_guide.pdf

Relief Version 2.1

UPDATED RELIEF VERSION: to Download the RELIEF Version 2.1 just click this URL:


Relief updates for version 2.0 users: relief_updates.exe

eFPS Job Aids

UPDATED RELIEF VERSION: to Download the RELIEF Version 2.1 just click this URL:

Updated eFPS Job Aids: to access the Job Aids, click here.

Alphalist Job Aid

Alphalist Job Aid: to To download the Alphalist Job Aid just click this URL:

Job Aid

Technical Specifications of MAP and SAWT

Technical specifications of Monthly Alphalist of Payees (MAP) and Summary Alphalist of Withholding Taxes (SAWT).

Full Text / Annex 1 / Annex A / Annex B

VAT Registration Flyers

VAT Registration Flyer / Flyer Front / Flyer Back

BIR Personal Data Sheet Form


BIR Personnel Forms

  • Application for Leave Form
  • Application for Transfer
  • Exit Survey Form
  • Final Clearance Form
  • Forced-Rank List Form
  • National Office Clearance Form
  • Partial Leave Form
  • Application for Permission to Engage in Notarial Services, Private Business, et al
  • Permit To Travel Checklist Form
  • PMS Sample Form
  • Reference Release for Applicants
  • Requirements for Compulsary Retirement
  • Requirements for Death Claims
  • Requirements for Optional Retirement
  • Requirements for Resignation
  • Requirements for Transfer to Other Government Agency
  • Sample Notice of Step Increment (NOSI)
  • Statement of Relatives

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