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In-house Staffing

With this service, it’s like taking advantage of technically trained staff coupled with a team of professionals working together. The advantage comes without spending anything for the training plus resource professionals are available as the need arises. Our staff, with the help of professionals, assigned to your office has a ready back up in any eventuality that may arise so as not to hamper submission of reports and tax returns on its due date and thereby avoiding unnecessary delay in operations, embarrassment to stakeholders,
and possibly penalties and interests that might be imposed by creditors and government agencies.

Our in-house staffing services provide accounting professionals to complement your staffing needs. Our clients are assured that every in-house staff assigned to them is back up by a team of experienced professionals.
A. Receivables Management

Receivables Management involves processing of all of your billings, managing your company’s credit and collection processes so you can focus on running your business. Our staff with the help of a team of professionals can handle all your receivables transactions from billing to collection. Your receivables are given the utmost attention to achieve positive results because we collaborate so that no one is left to do all on his own.

B. Payables Management

Accounts Payable Management is equally important in every company. Without proper management, unnecessary costs may be inevitable and perhaps could as well result to more serious consequences. If payables are not settled accurately and on a timely manner, it could damage reputation and relationships. But there is no need to put up a department and spend extra money only to miss prompt payment discounts, be charged with penalties and be harassed by dozens of phone calls. We have trained staff to handle your payables transactions with the able backing of a team of professionals.

C. Other Accounting related tasks

  1. General Accounting
  2. Cost Accounting
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Treasury Function
  5. Auditing
We can provide you with trained staff to handle your finance and accounting related transactions. A job description of the functions shall be established and agreed prior to the commencement of the engagement.
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