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Other Specialized Services

A. Legal Advisory

These legal advisory services would include the following:

  1. To provide legal assistance;
  2. To advise management on legal matters referred from time to time;
  3. To prepare legal documents such as contracts, agreements and memorandum to protect the interests of the company;
  4. To prepare legal opinions, and;
  5. To represent the company before courts within the limits imposed by law.
B. Tax Consultation and Assistance
    1. Tax Deficiency Assessment
    2. Claims for tax refunds
    3. Request for BIR ruling

Handling tax assessments and investigations plays a crucial role in the exercise of taxpayer’s rights accorded by the Tax Code. We assist clients in evaluating tax deficiency assessments, submit tax position reply and request for reconsideration. We also handle application for tax refund, request for BIR rulings and other tax related concerns.

C. Set-up of Accounting System & Preparation of Accounting Manual

Accounting System Design consists of identifying the appropriate system depending on the clients’ requirements and making it work by planning the entire process. This covers an evaluation of internal control, system design, training personnel, implementing a system and documenting the entire process in an accounting manual. It is designed to suit the specific needs and expectations of the client.

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